Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time to complain about my lack of riding

here I go bitching about not riding again

I believe the last time I was complaining on here about not riding was some time in April on a beer review , well I`m doing it again sans beer review .

Two Ten is not looking like the year I thought it was going to be . I was thinking it was going to be spectacular and is slowly becoming shitacular (see what I did there ? pretty clever huh ?)

A small number of things have contributed to this disease .....Yes , not riding much is a disease that must be stamped out with a giant boot . The lack of riding symptoms look like this .

1 . Lack of banana usage resulting in bananas getting old and stinky on your counter

2 Increased interest in ipod apps

3 Excitedly wondering what kind of donuts some chump might bring to work

4 paranoia

5 Increased family time (well that`s a pretty good one)

6 Increased Madden time

7 More money made due to working more ....who cares .....really ?

8 Feeling old , lethargic and chubby

9 Less money spent on laundry.....seriously , what the hell do I know about that ?

10 Less money spent on protein bars and gas money to get to trails

11 Insomnia

If you feel any of these symptoms (except #5) run to your bike now ! I know I probably wont .

I`m starting to feel a bit better now ......oh wait I haven`t blamed anything or made excuses yet . Well first I blame work , second I blame allergies (worst year ever), the weather (what happened to our beloved drought huh ? Family times (baseball,taking kids out, spending time with wife)...what the hell is the matter with me ?

........There I feel just a smidgen bit better now, I`m glad I got that off my chest !

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