Sunday, October 24, 2010

A lazy Sunday valley run

 On a day that screamed "STAY ON THE COUCH !!" I chose not to . Why ? you ask . Cause darn tootin , I`m my own individual . Today I had absolutely no interest in watching football and watching my ass grow bigger . Instead I took a slow leisurely ride on some soggy wet slippery rooted trails .

this place seems to change weekly
 The valley was dead quiet today with the exception of a ton of search and rescue people and police looking for somebody in Mill Creek ......Or so I think . There is nothing on the news sites , so maybe it was just some sort of training exercise ? Strange . Other then that nothing to report . I believe I did see a Sasquatch though . He was trying to climb up the lrt bridge to probably wreak some havoc on some poor souls in a train car . I didn`t pay much attention cause I had some good tunes on the Ipod .

my view before the push home
free fire starter material

Chafe Chaser. Lung Puncher

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