Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pre Turkey day riding in the Fort

trust me ..... this is much better in person

I feel much better about this post`s title ..........Much better . Took the Moots out on a fantastic trip through the good parts of Fort Saskatchewan and felt great cause I was riding with no pack . This happened accidentally a few years ago , and that ride was awesome . Why it took me so long to do it again is a little puzzling . For those who ride with a pack all the time I strongly suggest losing it . The loss of the proverbial
"monkey off the back" was a nice relief , and I will do it again in the future . Plus it helps save jerseys !

In case your wondering , the picture ? Yes I took it today . It`s a point and shoot that fits in my jersey pocket . I may drive the wife crazy and try to get another mini point and shoot that isn`t so big just for these expeditions . I hear her sighing already .......

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