Friday, November 12, 2010

Is this the last big Hoorah ?

the groat
Mckinnon singletrack is some of the best around

 Is this the last big ride of the year on nice dry trails before that big fat mean bitch otherwise known as winter comes and spreads it`s wings like that of a mean vulture and covers the ground with her special seasonal offerings ? (that was officially the longest sentence I ever typed) I hope not ! The trails are in prime condition , and I took full advantage of that today and rode from the infamous Science Park to Hawerlak via Mckinnon .

frozen ponds and geese equal pure comedy
 The ride was great (as expected)  and I hope there is still one more good long one left for me this year . Three plus hours of biking time is never a bad thing . Sadly though , I could sure feel the snow in the air . I may not be a weatherman I feel that it will be here any day now . Looking back on this blog , last year we didn`t get snow till the 21st of November . So that fills me with hope . Lot`s and lots of hope !

the university
looking at the science park on the way home

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