Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek - Dawson bridge

First off , let me apologize for the shitty looking blurred pictures . Me and the point and shoot had a little argument and he won . I feel I let the Internet world down on this one with the blurred shots . I don`t feel too bad as the internet gets over things easy . So after posting four straight youtube videos on this site I finally went for a bike ride . I hit some snow after work tonight from Mill Creek to Dawson Bridge , in the end nothing too exciting happened on this one .

My "unstudded" tires grabbed hold of what I needed making me wonder if I will ever run studded tires . That seems to be the big question that plagues me every year . Things seem fine right now without them so I will just ride without them .......Until I break a femur on some ice .
it would probably look better if you were drunk , go on get sloshed and report to me later

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