Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Worst ride ever ......

It started bad changing into my riding clothes after work when I realized I forgot most of my gear at home . "Aww to hell with it , I`m going anyways" I said trying to look manly putting on my stretchy tights in front of a bunch of welders .

Once on the bike missing my shorts aka "spandex" , what I wear underneath to keep the leg warmers up , and also more importantly , to keep "things" tucked in . If you are a guy who rides often you will know of a certain problem that can happen if you have loose fitting underwear , and no tights of any kind . I was also missing under layers and had the wrong jacket and gloves forcing me to freeze in an unusually warm November river valley . I said warm but it`s still November and this is central Alberta .

I didn`t even make it out of Mill Creek when I turned around defeated , cold , annoyed by my leg warmer tights sliding down with each pedal stroke , and sick and tired of "the boys" flopping around like a couple of cats fighting in a dark back alley .
"o.k this sucks , time to go home and watch mash reruns"

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