Friday, December 31, 2010

Beer Friday . Lagunitas Maximus Ale

snow pedals .... hooray for me !

Welcome to a New Years eve edition of beer Friday . I am home tonight as our babysitter cancelled out on us because they apparently had better plans then we did . Ya , you know who you are . I hope you are reading this with the sweat of shame dripping down your neck . Trying to find a reserve sitter on New Years eve is like the proverbial needle in the haystack . To be honest a New Years night at home movie watching with the girls beats pretty much any other New Years eve plan so it worked out pretty good , and besides , having to go out and sign all those "lonebiker" autographs can get very tiresome after a while ...It`s tough being me .

Lagunitas brewing was founded in 1993 in Lagunitas, California , ironically close to San Francisco , the home of one of the last beer reviews . More importantly it`s located in Marin County . The supposed "birthplace" of mountain biking . Maximus ale is brewed for the Summer time according to their website ...ooops , this is the middle of winter so this beer review is now cancelled .

Do you want me to keep going ? Fine . Maximus was promptly name Maximus as it packs a punch . A 7.5 % punch that is (again , something I didn`t realize when I bought it) . So be careful with this stuff . It can bite you if your not careful . I didn`t pour this one and went straight from the bottle only because it`s New Years and I read somewhere that is what your supposed to do . Opening up a bottle and smelling it was a bit scary as the smell wanted to slap you in the face . It was somewhat hard to discern the smell as my nose is still plugged and I am a bad beer reviewer (only a real man can admit that). The taste filled me up with citrus and hops , what was cool was you could not taste the alcohol , and with a strong beer like this one the folks at Lagunitas brewing did a good job of hiding it . But after two I was wanting something else .

This beer gets 1.5 suds out of 5

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