Sunday, December 5, 2010

Riding . Rafters Landing - Capilano

you think I can ride across ?
For quite some time now I have wanted to ride across the new bridge connecting Fort Edmonton to I have no idea where ? Which is one reason why I want to cross it so badly .... To see what`s on the other side ! I have a good idea of whats over there but I`m still quite curious . The other reason is it is a suspension bridge ! How freakin cool is that ? Take that Calgary ! ......what , wait a minute . Calgary has a suspension bridge ? O.k , now I`m pissed .

I was hoping to head that way today but coming home from the Oilers game last night I drove past the trail leading up to Capilano park and had a strong desire to ride it . So I forgot about the new bridge and headed east through Forest Heights and up the hill to Capilano park , crossed the river and came back on the North side of the river .

"oh that was just spectacular !" I muttered to myself and wondered why I didn`t check out the new bridge
here`s a bridge I can`t wait for to reopen
It was a short ride (even for winter standards) but a good one nonetheless . Hopefully next weekend I can hit that new bridge and get some shots and ride across and see exactly where it leads .

plowed trails ? yes I`m cheating

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