Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well lookey here ....

Things are sure getting interesting with our valley these days ...

link to Edmonton Journal article or you could read what I illegally copied and pasted on here ....

EDMONTON — The dream of a North Saskatchewan River valley trail from Devon to Fort Saskatchewan moved a step closer Wednesday when the federal government contributed $30 million to the project.

“We need to connect the river valley park system so people can traverse it and enjoy it, while still respecting areas of the valley that remain totally untouched,” River Valley Alliance chairman Sol Rolingher told a news conference.

The money will be combined with $50 million already put in by the provincial government and $30 million expected from the seven municipalities that make up the alliance to develop the first phase of the scheme, Rolingher said.

This will involve building trails for about half the 88-kilometre valley where they don’t already exist, mostly outside Edmonton, and constructing about 10 of 12 planned footbridges, he said.

Some of these paths aren’t in best locations along the valley, so further cash is needed to secure land for the preferred route and finish all the bridge, he said.

The alliance primarily provides cash to municipal projects, such as the new bridge and trails near Fort Edmonton Park, rather than contracting out work itself.

Rolingher hopes trail construction can start next spring.

This is part of the alliance’s long-term $600-million plan for the river valley that includes upgrading existing facilities such as the Valley Zoo and Fort Edmonton along with building new attractions.

“We see this as an ongoing multi-generational approach where future people who have better ideas than us can see them implemented.”

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