Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beer Friday....ummmm Saturday . Kingfisher

We at the lonebiker sincerely apologize for the lack of posting going on here these days . Work , in all it`s glorious entity has gotten quite busy and I have been quite overwhelmed with stuff to do . I am having to double the size of my shop "personnel wise" and figure out all sorts of fun problems that come up when you have to double production .  That being said you may notice the odd posting on here as shift work is now starting for myself this next week . How will beer Friday be handled ? I have no idea ? I think I will do the review in underground top secret mountain tunnels high in the Andes , have it stored there guarded by Mexicans armed with razorblades and military issued unicorns . I will then post it up on the Friday of the week it was reviewed .

The beer being reviewed tonight (I didn`t do it last night cause I was too damn lazy) comes from the great land of India .Their website has all the usual beer company bullshit that you would find , except on theirs you could do an actual photo shoot with bikini models , edit it and make it into a calender ! Eat your heart out Bud light ! the link to the calender shoot is right here .

  Kingfisher is India`s biggest selling beer and as I am halfway through mine . I say no shit sherlock ! This stuff is good . I didn`t pour it and had it straight from the bottle and have been pleasantly enjoying it . there is nothing too fancy about it as it really is just an average beer ....But yet there is something special about it compared to the Budweisers , and Molson Canadians that are out there .

This beer gets 3.8 suds out of 5

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