Thursday, January 27, 2011

It`s fender time

the king of the Edmonton libraries

the widened Dawson bridge
With very unusually warm temperatures, all the snow that we have got is now turning into one giant mess. After a couple of days of working on the farm after a major collapse on a barn thanks to the snow I got the pleasure of going for a spin.

A trip through Mill Creek and up into downtown for some good old fashioned car dodging, and then back in through the valley served me well (my legs are quite sore, and it feels great).

I should have thrown on the fenders as the slush and melted snow was kicking up my back pretty good. Nothing too exciting happened other then smelling an unusual amount of pot coming back into Mill Creek ravine. It was everywhere. Ahhh, nothing say`s you made it when you could go into the river valley on a Thursday afternoon and smoke some reefers...Those people must have worked hard to get at where they are today! The odd thing was coming through the south end of the ravine, it smelled like a fair... Mini donuts to be exact. I quickly put the two together and realized some smart entrepreneur must have set up a stand to serve all those people who were smoking pot.... Genius, absolute genius!
snow sculptures (I`m guessing man made)

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