Sunday, February 20, 2011

It`s been six days, thus a blog post...

I don`t have much to say, and it`s been a little while since I`ve been on here, so I am going to post something. I could just cop out and post up some YouTube video of some guys riding in Whistler, or some idiot on Fail Blog trying to light his barbecue, but that would be way too easy.

I am typing this hiding in my den drinking a nice warm cup of coffee..... To those who live here, yes I am too much of a pussy to go out riding. The temperature right now is -20ºC, which is -4ºF for all you Americans. It has been getting warmer, yes -20º is warmer then it has been and it`s supposed to warm up throughout the morning so I may be inclined to go for a spin and try out my new studded tires (happy birthday to me). I may change my mind when I stick my face outside again.

Asides from the cold, this week wouldn`t have much activity as far as riding goes. My wife had her surgery to cut out a section of her leg where a diseased mole had tried to set up base camp. They are doing testing on what they cut out and I am confident everything will turn out fine. It was a big scare, especially since it was the same cancer that my Dad had. That in itself is what made the whole situation somewhat dire. So hopefully I can start doing some beer reviews again because dammit! I miss doing beer reviews! My wife wasn`t the only one in the house going under the knife. Marley our favourite little bitch had done Bob Parker a favour and got spayed. So now we are taking care of a hobbled dog that keep`s getting her cone stuck in odd places like the laundry basket.

oh how incredibly freaking pathetic!
So now that I`m done with this I`m going to set up my tires and give the Stumpy some much needed bike love (aka cleaning). After I download the new Radiohead album and get that baby into my Ipod of course...

Happy Saturday Eve

It doesn't matter where you are, if this song comes on things are pretty flippin sweet.