Friday, February 11, 2011

Riding. Mill Creek-University-and an attempt into Forest Heights

With my pre ride parking rituals becoming tainted by some ladies sitting in a car keeping an eye on me, I knew the most important ritual of them all would not happen....At least till I`m down the trail and alone from peering eyes. The P.R.P.T or the "pre ride package tuck" would have to wait. A very important process for any male rider. In a way that threw my mojo off for today and as I type this I can`t think of anything sadder to screw with ones bike ride. I could have just manned up and tucked anyways but I knew those ladies didn`t need to see that. Cripes ! Nobody needs to see that ! I have gotten good and can do the P.R.P.T quite discreetly but they were right there.

I had wanted to head up to Forest Heights and do some climbing but they had the entire trail blocked off. I was a little bit pissed (and still am) as I know how these things play out. I remember a bridge in Mill Creek being closed for months as they were doing work after some drunk twits crashed a truck into the railing. Not a big deal cause the damage was something that they could just do a quick fix and then do the main repair later (which eventually is what happened). I was through the area in a previous ride and saw nothing too dangerous that would warrant closing the whole trail just for one little Bobcat. I cannot wait to see how long this will last...

Chafe Chaser. Lung Puncher

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