Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yes, it`s true. I`ve grown tired of winter...

I know you just spit your hot cocoa all over your computer screen and are now sitting in your chair, your mouth agape in utter disbelief. But I Ken Lindsay aka "the lone biker" am getting sick and tired of this cold weather/snow bullshit !

It`s February the 24th and the temperatures were a nipply -26ºC. I hear you snickering all you "southerners" and your oh-so-special 14ºC Arizona weather. Oh what`s that ? That`s cold for you ? Well good for you, I am so happy for all you right now....

This is the time of year I start to miss everything about summer. There is nothing interesting left in Winter anymore. It`s late February, it`s cold, and I want it to end.

Call me crazy but I`m starting to miss the mosquitoes, I miss the annoying fly`s, the persistent wasps that buzz your head as you try to change a flat tire on a hot early September evening. The best things about Summer far outweigh the bad things. Such as long stretches of singletrack through the Fort Saskatchewan river valley, or better yet, ripping through the downhill on Saturday night lake loop in Jasper, thinking of the beer and pizza that will be your reward after a long day of mountain riding.

I miss campfires with my family in the river valley.

I miss my backyard.

I miss thunderstorms.

I miss Canada day.

I miss the throngs of foreign people on the streets of Jasper (that`s a strange one, I know).

I miss the incredibly long Summer days we are so lucky to get in Edmonton.

I even miss the meatheads on Whyte ave. with their loud bikes, and cars.... Well, not so much.

I miss all the festivals that go on in Edmonton during the Summer

I miss the firework displays in our little town for the Beaumont festival.

I know Spring is slowly coming around the corner, and we still have to endure another month and a half or so of this thing we call Winter. So until then I will endure. Like everybody else who lives here. I will still ride, although I will keep up with my Winter theme of "riding sparingly". For those who have been riding lot`s this Winter. I salute you. Right now you deserve to be riding that sweet dry singletrack more than me.

Till that happens, I`ll keep daydreaming about Summer.... sigh

I`ve had enough of this
I think I`m ready for this

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