Friday, March 18, 2011

Beer Friday. Brewsters. Farmer`s Tan White Ale

It`s time to blow off the dust on the Beer Review page and review a beer already. A trip to Brewsters this week with my lovely wife for a lunch date and I am hooked. That place was great. I didn`t order any beer for lunch but saw they had a large selection of off sales beer that they brew and I knew this would be great for starting the beer reviews again. A total of 15 different beers are available including a seasonal beer.

Farmers tan was my weapon of choice today "an easy drinking Belgian white ale". The smell was different. I was getting a citrus feel out of this one. The pour left me with a two fingered head that wanted to stick to the sides of the glass once it evaporated, but then again. Doesn`t all beer do that ? It`s been a while since I`ve done this and I have not missed a beat on the complete and total amateurism that these beer reviews are filled with (oh, I am so humiliated). I am now waiting for my wife or one of my kids to come into my room and tell me it will be all right. Or a dog.... Somebody ....Hello!!

It`s been three hours and I am still waiting. I`ll just keep doing this review with the faint hope that somebody will come console me, didn`t they hear me weeping ? I finished the beer, and I have got to tell you its o.k. O.k you ask ? Yes, a bit better than o.k. My tears falling in the glass may have compromised the review so lets just forget about it and come back next week k ?

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5

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