Sunday, April 10, 2011

Riding. A whole lotta water

there`s still lots of snow in dem dere hills
Within 5 minutes of today's ride that started in Mill Creek my feet were soaked. I was wondering to myself why I was dumb enough to not wear my winter shoes... My waterproof warm winter shoes I might add. I shrugged it off and kept going and was welcomed to a whole lot more water then there was yesterday. Makes sense with all the warm weather and still, the extreme amount of snow we had this year has to melt and all that water has got to go somewhere right?

I climbed out of the valley at Concordia college and rode the dirty streets all the way back to the footbridge that connects to the Pyramids. Once back in the valley my feet were soaked again and my cheap little pair of Northwave shoes did nothing to protect me....And why should they? By the time I got back to the vehicle my feet were two little cozy bricks of ice. Oh how cute and cuddly!

remembering there is a U2 concert here this summer. hmmm...
wishing for a bathroom hand dryer to use on my feet

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