Thursday, April 28, 2011

Riding. Mill Creek- Capilano

oh Edmonton, you complete me...
An after work ride on a soggy Thursday evening. Good news, the hours have been shortened and I am a regular Joe working Monday to Friday.... Wait a minute! I kept on having 4 days off, and now we are heading into the sweet Summer season!!!! Plus I was the one pushing this!!! Oh, dear!!!! What have I done!!! (count the exclamation points, and win a prize)

Anyhoo... The ride was wet and soggy, yet a delight. There is always something extra special about that valley on a cool wet evening. The only problem was I was not ready for the rain. Once I crossed the footbridge in Capilano park and headed south west into the wind, the rain beat through my winter jacket and I was cold, wet, and wishing for a warm bath, candles, and a good Enrique Iglesias c.d.....Wait a minute!!! I meant Metallica...Yes, Metallica. Their badass and awesome!!!!

my favourite little creek in the world

Happy Saturday Eve

It doesn't matter where you are, if this song comes on things are pretty flippin sweet.