Thursday, April 28, 2011

Riding. Mill Creek- Capilano

oh Edmonton, you complete me...
An after work ride on a soggy Thursday evening. Good news, the hours have been shortened and I am a regular Joe working Monday to Friday.... Wait a minute! I kept on having 4 days off, and now we are heading into the sweet Summer season!!!! Plus I was the one pushing this!!! Oh, dear!!!! What have I done!!! (count the exclamation points, and win a prize)

Anyhoo... The ride was wet and soggy, yet a delight. There is always something extra special about that valley on a cool wet evening. The only problem was I was not ready for the rain. Once I crossed the footbridge in Capilano park and headed south west into the wind, the rain beat through my winter jacket and I was cold, wet, and wishing for a warm bath, candles, and a good Enrique Iglesias c.d.....Wait a minute!!! I meant Metallica...Yes, Metallica. Their badass and awesome!!!!

my favourite little creek in the world

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