Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh Heavens, how I missed this!

the entryway into the Mill Creek singletrack
 After another day of trying my hardest to look oh-so-important at some shop in ever so manly Nisku, Alberta. I decided to go for a bike ride. Not just any sort of bike ride. It was a mountain bike ride, and it was long overdue...

The Mojo got it`s two eleven cherry popped on a trip from Mill Creek to Forest heights where in the famed Ewok area I hung around and played in the hills. Yes, it was fabulous! The trees whizzed by my handlebars, the wind blew through my beard (that one is extra special kids), the roots challenged the climbs (dual suspensions are just unfair), and the tight singletrack was gobbled up like a great tasting beer on beer Friday.

It`s back, hope two eleven is gonna be good, I`m still a little bitter from last year...

some last of the mud may take a while to dry
 it`s a lopes link! the one and only upgrade for the new season

Chafe Chaser. Lung Puncher

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