Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beer Friday. Zywiec

If you truly have been paying attention, you would notice that now, the last two Beer Fridays have taken place on a Saturday. I do not want you to be alarmed and completely freak out as I know that is what is inevitable as you sit there behind your computers wondering why your world is upside down. It`s just work, that is all to blame. I`m hoping to have this Beer Friday ship righted by next Friday as my little summer holiday should be in full swing by then. Should be.... Things are getting goofy already! What`s that? You in the brown shirt sitting behind the old Hansol monitor, you have something to say? "Can we just get on with the fucking beer review already and stop boring everybody with your life`s bullshit!?!" Well then, lets get on with it shall we...

Zyweic. A rather difficult name to work with as I keep having to check the bottle for the proper spelling. That dot above the Z. Good luck trying to figure that one out! This brewery formed in the mid 1800`s in Zyweic, then part of Austria. It is now a proud Polish beer that survived that grumpy bastards late thirties invasion and is now a financially strong European beer all thanks to being owned by Heineken.

I poured this in my trusty Hardcore bikes mug and proved to myself that I truly am a great beer pourer. A little head stayed for a bit and was gone by the time I got the right picture. The smell took me back to childhood memories of running through Canola fields on hot July summer days. No it didn't. You never bought that shit did you? It smelled like beer... good beer, and I was anxious to try some. How do I describe the taste? Fairly basic. It doesn't have that sour taste that you get with some of European beers, and it reminded me alot of Budweiser and all the other commoners around these parts. Pick it up for a barbecue if you want to look cool and different. It is European...

This beer gets 2.5 suds out of 5

Happy Monday