Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh miserable Summer

puddles. for riding through, not around
As I sit and type this there is a thunderstorm shaking my kids school made projects off the windowsill. It has been raining hard again for well over an hour. Todays ride showed me how much trail damage is out there. Lot's of people have been riding the wet sloppy trails and I guess I don't really blame them. I don't encourage riding on muddy trails as the damage that is caused, but considering the short season we have, and for alot of guys who put their bikes away at the end of September and don't pull them out till May gives them a pretty short season. Thus they ride through the crap...

potty break in the mill creek
My time off has consisted of very little riding. The wet valley has been hard to sink my teeth into. That and having to spend time with the family....Yeeeesh! What's that about?

I'm pretty sure we surpassed the rainfall we had last year and that was a nasty year for riding. I remember posting on this here site and bitching about all the rain. Yes I'm bitching again. Why is that? Cause in North America it's what we do. Like the current phone hacking scandal. There are other things to worry about in the world, don`t you think?

Fort Icekatchewan

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