Monday, July 25, 2011

Riding. Mill Creek- Ewok Forest

Oh how embarrassed am I to say that I thought the Canada cup race was on Sunday, not Saturday. I had all my camera gear packed and drove to Kinsmen thinking the whole time of what a perfect biking weekend it was! Riding in the mountains on Saturday and then taking pictures of racers riding in treacherous conditions on Sunday had me excited.... Only to arrive and find out the race was on Saturday. Big time Homer DOH! Guess I should check the dates a little better. I do remember it being on a Sunday last year so.... Oh who am I kidding, there are no excuses!

Today a ride through the valley on the hardtail before a long day at Klondike days, and then work tomorrow (it will alway's be Klondike days to me...sniff, sniff). The valley greeted me with slippery climbing trails that had me question the make up of my tires again. It wasn't too bad as far as mud, the puddles were there in a big way as they should be this year. The trails were super tacky, almost too much. looking outside now and seeing a dark cloud over Edmonton again, all I can do is shake my head and wonder why?

...Going completely off topic here FOOTBALL'S BACK!!!....Very well. Have a good one.
more red barriers popping up as more of the trails fall away to the moisture
hey boys and girls! stay in the middle of those puddles!

This is Getting Repetitive

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