Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cool air Sunday

folk fest in full swing
a break from ewok hunting
 It's been one week since my last ride, a theme that seems to be growing. The weekend warrior that I am becoming is something I hope to shake off as it's August and were on the downswing on Summer. Meaning only one thing. Ride more!

Overnight rain showers again struck us and I imagined the trails would have been quite crappy but soon realized that they were in pretty good shape, the cool air was great to be riding in this morning and it made me think of the upcoming Fall riding season. Easily the best time of the year...

The Folk Festival is on at Gallagher park, an event I welcome every year. Riding through the trees with the live music in the background is always pretty cool. The downside is having to avoid all the hippies that are on the trails congregating towards the event. They are always everywhere during the Folk Festival, Mill Creek, Forest Heights, and Louise Mckinney especially. In their birkenstocks, tie died shirts with their cute hippy girls (giggidy) and some of them even have little hippy children. Their presence is everywhere and you will find them in the oddest places. Some gave me stink eye as I approached them quickly on a section of tight singletrack with blind corners as they were sitting in the middle of the trail. What they were doing there is anybody's guess. Well it's a pretty easy guess! Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against hippies, I always find it amusing though how peoples views vary so dramatically from person to person, and how so many of them let it affect their life so much.

rollin below rowland
sweeeet shoe man! 

Chafe Chaser. Lung Puncher

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