Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beer Friday, and Blogger is going bonkers

I tried posting up a beer review and the site kept on crashing. I even had some sweet Seahawk stuff in with the pictures (which took literally minutes of work) As you may know, tomorrow the season kicks off.

Now that I'm on here it doesn't seem to be giving me grief. I am not going to try and re-write what I had, it is all erased and I'm a little bit miffed. So this will be rescheduled for next week.

Until then, a riding video sent to me on the interwebs. This is in Hinton, Alberta. A place I always pass when I'm driving to Jasper. This is part of the Moustache madness cross country race.... I did say cross country, watch the video and tell me how it looks "cross country"... Pretty great!

I gotta get better....

And yes, I know it's Saturday again. Leave me alone. Got a problem? Write a letter.

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