Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beer Friday. Crabbies, Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer

I find the name of this beer the most appropriate to describe me thanks to this forgettable season of shit. Crabbies originates from Scotland, and was formed in 1801 by a guy by the name of John Crabbie, who made a ginger wine to help sailors ward off seasickness. Ginger beer isn't for everyone, as you may have figured out "ginger" is the main ingredient, thus if you ain't into the strange taste of ginger. Stay away.

The pour showed me something that resembled ginger ale, ladies and gentlemen I think we have a connection here. Ginger! Plus carbonation of course! The creation of this beer takes over two months, which impressed this here beer reviewer, although I'm impressed whenever an airplane flies over so....

I went into this one trying to be optimistic as the fear of ginger overwhelming me had me a little nervous. I tasted it and my fears came to heed. The ginger was overwhelming. I tried putting lemons in it but it didn't work. I tried watering it down.... Nothing.

To be fair I'm not going to rate this cause if you love the taste of ginger this just might your dream beer.

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