Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lights on at 6:36

the point and shoot came through today
  An after work rumble through the leaves from Mill Creek into the river valley. I took the upper Ewok trails and was riding soft. Stopping and smelling the roses a little too much....

Brothers and Sisters. That is not how one is supposed to ride the mighty Ewok! I exited and rode Riverside somewhat half high speed thinking about crossing Gretzky and had an epiphany. Rowland trail will cure one who is soft.... Or hurt him! So I hit it and quickly "manned up" quickly realizing that this Rowland is one badass trail. The steep climbs, the sketchy sidehill riding, those awesome switchbacks! Gosh! I'm gushing! Fort Saskatchewan? *What's that place again?

I exited Rowland and climbed up the pavement up to Forest Heights where I descended quite rapidly to the river. Once on the lower trail I marvelled at the trail work some people have done. The little wooden bridges once built have been replaced by stone. How long has that been there? With my crappy season it may have been there since August.

The ride back through Mill Creek was welcomed promptly at 6:36 when the light were turned on making me think of how fast we are losing daylight. The dark trails were a great way to end a day.

an abandoned critter jail
rowland trail in the dusk... this place will see more of me


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