Friday, December 30, 2011

Beer Friday. Molson Canadian

New years eve tomorrow night and my weekend has just begun after a fun week of inventory combined with a classic case of reorganizing. I was planning on reviewing one or two tomorrow night  but after this week I couldn't hold back.

If you were on here two years ago you would have read an angry review on Molson Canadian where I; like many a douchebag on the internet had an open forum to trash something without fear of repercussion, and trash I did! What exactly was my problem back then? I have no idea? Some leftover angst form the Canadian custom agent giving me grief about my bike.... maybe. Well Molsons. Lets forget the past and become friends shall we. Even if I don't like you much on this here review?

Canadians have an inferiority complex. I blame that on big brother living next door. Most of us won't admit it but you know it's there. We feel great when attention is given towards us. The Vancouver Olympics was a great example, the Vancouver hockey riots. Not so much... Attention on anybody makes them feel great. Just saying somebody's name in conversation when your with them makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. Just talk to any high level business professional and they will say your name repetitively in a conversation. Molson Canadian has unbelievably great advertising. They hit all of our soft spots in 30 seconds making us proud of who we are. They show us winning hockey games, doing fun stuff in the mountains, playing hockey, doing fun stuff at the lake cottage, and of course watching hockey playoffs.

The pour gave us a nice crisp, cool, smooth and refreshing looking beer! Ironically like a beer commercial would show it. A two fingered head that didn't last long enough to get the camera ready after I set up my Barbies.... I mean my daughters Barbies!  The first sip gave me some good old familiar 22 year old me love. I have not had this in a long time, in fact the last time was when I did the review on here a couple years ago and the taste was really quite... Ordinary. A slight skunky taste to make it more familiar.  Yes Molson Canadian you are ordinary. But don't change  cause I love you the way you are. Your great "Canadians kick ass" commercials and your image.... Ahh, I have tears of pride running down my cheeks.

This beer gets 2.5 suds out of 5

this is wrong... so wrong, yet strangely arousing...

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