Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Riding. Mill Creek- Dawson Bridge

Coldness was there in all it's magnificent glory tonight, and I suffered through a quick rip from my favourite little ravine to the north side of the river all the way to my favourite little bridge, and back on the south side. The cold wind was the problem today and I thought I could escape it in the ravine...

Not quite! I escaped the wind but the temps down below left me shivering when I got home and I had nobody to feel sorry for me, or smack sense into me, mainly for being a bit foolish and under dressing
for the elements.

a proud snow melting potty break
The ride was great and truth be told it really wasn't that cold when I was moving. The big highlight was the rhythmic way my snot would glow magnificently when I blew it from my non stop running nose in front of my bright lights. It was really... really quite therapeutic and gave me Christmas shivers...

a quick moment to play with the camera then up the hill and home

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