Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday snow crunching

a potty break monochrome for the masses
 A roll through the fresh snow on yet another warm day. The falling snow was a welcoming sight cause as everybody knows, riding through falling snow is da-bomb! And I mean that with all sincerity. The snow which would have been perfect for a snowball fight, or building a giant fort proved to be troublesome for my gunk friendly candy pedals. Although a few kicks and I was in so really no big deal.

 The route from Mill Creek-southside of the river- High level bridge and across to the north end was a dream ride in the snow. The ride was smooth and the accumulating snow didn't hinder progress at all. It seemed to only encourage it, I felt like I was on rails the entire time other then the few trips through the still open singletrack. The highlight was the crossing of the High Level Bridge. There is something magical about this bridge, those who ride across it know. Other Edmonton bloggers  blog about it.   If you have lived in Edmonton for over a year and consider yourself a cyclist and have not crossed this great wonder. I implore you to go hang your head in shame and lock yourself in a room for a week while eating nothing but animal crackers. When the weeks up, grab a bike and ride across, you owe yourself...

a pause before the crossing...
searching for singletrack

Happy Saturday