Sunday, March 18, 2012

Science Park Sweatfest

 Sundays are usually reserved for family time but thankfully the kiddies were abducted by another family (friendly) member rendering me good to go... and good to go I was.

My first trip to the infamous dirty Science Park of the year, and what would be in store for me? Hills, hills and more hills...

I have mentioned on here how the trails in the Science Park will kick your ass, and when you are on the ground withering in pain these trails will simply punch you in the crotch! (Yes girls too, their merciless).

Sadly though, the melting snow did not warrant any riding on the trails today. I stuck to the paved yet again and climbed every hill in the area a couple times each. The climb up from Hermitage to Rundle golf course is a nasty one and it made me think of the toughest climbs in the river valley.

Perhaps a posting on here offering my ideas on what Edmonton's toughest climbs are? It is something I always wanted to do. I know there would be two groups as the huge difference between the "paved" and "off road / mountain climbs, with the mountain climbs being much harder... My apologies to all the road warriors, but it is true...
care for a swim today? Too much ice! thanks ice...
guess what?

Happy Monday