Sunday, August 19, 2012

Riding. Cameron Heights- Patricia Ravine- Talus Dome

Starting a ride in Cameron Heights for the second time now has left me loving my Mill Creek parking spot even more. Shadowed in by treeless cookie cutter fire trap houses and getting stink eye from Mom's driving four door Jeep Wranglers and Dodge Caravans made me want to descend into the trees and get on the trails fast shaving time off my pre ride vehicle time.

A midsummer beard lead the way and I was soon riding Terwilliger trails for the first time this year. Amazing to think of how little I come down there now, whereas five plus years ago it was a once a week minimum destination. The crowds and untrained dogs have played a part in keeping me away, today though there was nobody down there. I would guess that the hot muggy heat kept people away. I only used Terwilliger to pass through and quickly climbed out where my legs decided they didn't really feel like riding a bike today..... Damn you legs! I was hoping to make it as far as Mill Creek but knew it would not happen with weak shaky legs so I explored Patricia ravine.

Patricia ravine. A place I explored quite a few times over the years and always came up empty, today was a minor breakthrough and I found singletrack in the shadow of the Jewish Community Center. Singletrack that seemed pretty sweet when suddenly it was all over? Is that all this place has to offer? The majority of it was multiuse with a hidden singletrack trail that spit you out on a cool descent towards the river. The multi use seems pretty new making me question if the city took out all the good stuff. They have done it before, Whitemud park used to have amazing singletrack back in the good old days, sigh....

some more talus dome love
firemans loop in terwilliger could very well be the best trail in the city

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