Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Riding. Mill Creek- Gretzky Bridge

A ride spent mostly on dirt is a good thing. The trails are in prime condition and I treated them well with a ride I wish could be repeated every day. Everything I tackled was cleaned and at the end I wished I could have opened a Mountain Dew and sprayed it all over myself.  I felt like "Mr Epic" straight out of a bad commercial... I love rides like that!

The Southside was spent rolling through Ewok, a trail that I have not got in touch with in a while, we reconnected in an emotional way and I quickly said good bye. I had other trails to visit. Rolling below Rowland and I played catch up and instead of us having an emotional reunion. It kicked me square in the nuts as I rode it going Eastward. The switchbacks and the steep climbs laughed at me as they saw which direction I was heading. I laughed back at the switchbacks as I rode through but did have to disembark on a very steep short climb. The rest of the trail was relatively easy compared to the beginning. A bridge that showed up early this year was super fun riding it the opposite way from what I was used to as it seemed to shoot me out and around the bend. Roller coaster moments were had in that one.

Crossing the river to the North and riding home was rather uneventful except for cursing at the high amount of downed trees on one of my favourites North of Dawson Park. I blame the heavy storms and lack of trail users for that one. Should I take it upon myself and head down with a saw one day? Hmmm...

in two words... this bridge heading this way "pure magic"

A Bitter Disappointment

It was a ride in the making all week long after Tuesday's roll through Leduc and then Wednesday's fun Cameron to Fort Edmonton run. ...