Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Look at Thirteen

Going back on this here blog I have realised there is a pattern of complaining about how I've had a crappy year, well more like complaining on the lack of riding that has taken place. I sit here now  missing out on my Boxing day ride all thanks to a nasty flu bug. Who know how many more rides will be affected from this, I had hoped to pick up the pace a little bit more than last week which entailed three rides in almost bitter cold weather in December. Could that have something to do with my current condition? Hell no. I blame a busy day shopping surrounded by people for that one.

One thing I want to stop doing is all the complaining. All those who read this don't really care and I find it annoying to read whenever I go back. I did make this blog more of a "diary" for myself if you will. So call it a New Years resolution... I will no longer complain on here on poor ride fitness and worse. Lack of riding.

A Good Year in the Mountains from Rocky Mountain Bicycles on Vimeo.

A look ahead at next year the goal was to replace the Ibis Mojo with a new ride. Rocky Mountain had won my heart over again with the redesign of the Altitude. The larger wheel size is what tickled me in unspeakable places as I was wanting a change from 26" wheels yet didn't want to ride a freaky 29" bike (no offence to all you 29er guys). The new 27.5" Altitudes are right up my alley and with it being a manufacturer I started on, in fact the exact same bike! It only seems like natural progression. The video above shows that RMB still seems true to their roots, could it be? Or was this the work of a consultant? I kinda doubt it. It looks like many other manufacturers are hopping on the 650B bandwagon so the options will be kept open. 

The other goal is to try to get more trips into the mountains. With a new vehicle which would be perfect for highway driving it is something that seems to drive me crazy every year at this time. There are thousands of miles of trails that remain untapped for myself in Alberta. Not to mention, British Columbia is next door. Once I have my midlife crisis at 40 I'm sure that will be one of my biggest meltdowns. The lack of unexplored territory. This ride in August was one of the best rides I had ever! It was an unconventional mountain trip that was simply awesome. To think there are so much more trails that wait to be explored drive me crazy. Especially at this time of year, sitting at home with the flu watching You tube "best of 2012 fails" videos. I tend to dream a little at the coming year ahead...

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