Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dogless Wednesday

After a frustrating ride in Terwillegar yesterday I ventured into the good old reliable river valley where not one annoying dog came after me. Maybe I could thank the -20° celsius temperatures which kept most people out of the valley.

The ride was very typical of a cold one. The temperatures were just short of being utterly bitter like they were last Saturday night. A few degrees colder and a wind chill would have made it miserable. It wasn't miserable today but the cold did shorten this one though. The highlight was scaring the shit out of somebody who obviously had headphones and was hogging the whole trail. I tried to let him know I was coming but no reaction on his part. I ended up blowing past him and I heard a cried "OH Shit!" It was good stuff. Good stuff indeed...

The sad stat from today's ride. December ride totals are now one ride more over Septembers 2012 total. What happened to me this year?
see you in about seven hours shaw

another typical edmonton winter bench

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