Monday, February 18, 2013

Completing the Long Weekend

Today's ride from Henrietta Louise Park to the High Level was the best one this weekend. I had planned on hitting all three days and it came to pass, albeit yesterdays ride was slightly marred all thanks to one too many beers the night before, and all this time I thought beer was our friend!

The colder weather was welcomed from me, myself, and probably nobody else in the city. It really wasn't that cold but a strong wind did not help. I climbed up and crossed the High Level bridge, the greatest bridge in the Edmonton area and I challenge anyone who see things differently to a thumb wrestle.... What? No takers? Yes, I am victorious!

Once on top of the North side the wind hammered me hard as I rode along the Victoria Promenade. A place I haven't been to in years. One thing I noticed today was the lack of people out on Family Day. It really was not that cold out. Did everyone escape to malls? I did see a large gathering of people at the Legislature grounds as I made my way back.

This was the best ride of the weekend and I was feeling the "good ride vibes" for quite some time once I got back. Sadly I cannot seem to ride at the pace I once did. The snow covered trails definitely slow one down so maybe I am getting ahead of myself and panicking a bit, I just notice a slow down in the overall pace now days.
high level cruising

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