Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spring. Part II

This was a sudden an unexpected trip that came too pass once a few hours opened up this morning. If it were not for a strong wind today this would have been a lot warmer than it was. Still for February it was way too warm for my liking. This Winter I am finally lashing out against these warm spells we are having, I prefer the cold Winter temperatures as opposed to the Spring like temperatures which seems to almost be the norm. Could it be cause the melting snow mixed with sand is wreaking havoc on my poor drivetrain? That right there is a good reason to complain.

The ride was simply put... A dud. I had nothing to give in the Science park area and after a few hill repeats I did the appropriate thing and left. Could the heavy wet snow that fell earlier be to blame for the extremely sluggish feeling of the bike? I'd bet that had a huge impact on the bikes performance! On my performance on the other hand,  I blame a rough work week...? No I can't do that can I?

seen a few of these signs this winter

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