Monday, February 4, 2013


It's February the fourth and it seems like mid March and no: I don't like this weather. It seems to be throwing everything off including my Winter riding libido, I don't know if I'm supposed to be getting ready for Spring knowing full well that there is potentially another cold snap coming. Things will melt, it will freeze and we will have chaos.

The trail traffic was another problem I find in my grumpy old man riding state of late, which seems to get a little bit worse every year. On the other hand Jason joined up and was more than happy to be out in the fine valley for our first ride of thirteen making the ride enjoyable. He smiled and said hi to the dog walkers and the hikers. I looked down and let out a grumbled "get out of my valley shitface" to the innocent ladies walking their terriers. No they didn't hear me and no I didn't do that. Lucky for them Jason was there to spread his wealth of happiness to all the folks out enjoying an incredibly warm day. I rode on and quickly lost steam, Jason dropped me on some climbs and I pondered my riding fitness yet again.

The valley was shining today and the ride was great despite my legs shortchanging me. My only thought was why were there so many people out walking and nobody riding? We only saw a few commuters. Tsk, tsk Edmonton...

potty break exposed in the bare trees

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