Monday, April 22, 2013

A Dog With Ginormous Balls

hitting dirt for the first time in 2013 warrants the horns, and a picture
mother of god!
Seeing an older lab at the start of this one was nothing out of the ordinary, until I noticed his unusually giant testicles. I have to be honest, I could not stop staring and wonder how that dog makes it down the stairs. It was pretty obvious there was something seriously wrong and felt pretty bad for him. Asides from the possible tumor and trying to go down the stairs. It was pretty obvious just walking around was a pain in the ass... Or shall I say balls. To think of all the things that get caught in them, the rashes, the weeds, the thistles, the misery!

The ride was great, made even better as to the long time in between rides. The snow is pretty much gone on the paved trails but is still there in droves on the singletrack. Seeing "Mountain Dew swigging Extreme Freeride guy" attempt a steep downhill right into a mud, snow infested Ewok only made me shake my head and wonder whats wrong with people. Then my thoughts turned back to that poor dog and my mind was again transfixed on that pre ride event.

hundreds of people lined up to see a smelly flower, little did they know another wonder of nature was lurking near the valley earlier

This is Getting Repetitive

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