Friday, April 26, 2013

Beer Friday. Coney Island, Human Blockhead

we truly apologize for the flash ladened shitty picture
Friday again. I truly hate how fast time goes on by. I also truly hate missing out on rides, as was the case tonight when choosing family over bikes. Yeesh, what was I thinking choosing family? With time going so fast I guess family wins, even though it was ridiculously awkward for the family as I pouted all night cause I wasn't in my valley. Quality time was had though.

Coney Island from Shmaltz brewing has been around since 1996. Born and bred in San Francisco and born again this year in 2013. Wait a minute you ask! Is this beer a born again Christian? Ha Ha Ha, no silly! That isn't the case. They merely moved is all. This brewery is proudly Jewish. In fact there is a lot going on with the Shmaltz name, alot going that I don't really care to discuss here. In fact one of my so called "loyal" readers shared their opinion with me on the history section of the Beer Friday reviews and said they just simply skip over this part. I was shocked and saddened at the same time, so we will just go on to the pour and hope that person gets stung by a wasp many times this Summer.

The pour was somewhat of a disaster. It was overfilled and spilled all over the Lonebiker Beer Friday laboratory. In my rage I fired four interns and an assistant manager. Once the mess was cleaned up I sat back and adored a dark Golden beer with four human fingers of glorious beer head. The first sip was a shock to the system as I was out for dinner and had a draft Budweiser. This beer shocked my good beer tasting senses from the Budweiser and made me stand up and sing "Glory Hallelujah" with tears of joy. It was the great tasting beer that made me cry, or it was the 10% alcohol volume. I think it was the high alcohol volume actually. This one was great, much much better than the dinnertime draft I was forced to have. This was definitely full bodied with an added taste of hard liquor. The hard liquor wasn't offensive but was there. Toffee and dried fruits added to the tastes. This was one that would be great after a great Friday night bike ride... Wait a minute!

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5

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