Friday, April 5, 2013

No Beer Review, A Bike Ride

You'd better sit back and wait for the pain and shock to set in as you realize there is no beer review this weekend. Instead of writing about drinking beer I'm going to drink beer and write about this evening's bike ride.

On a night that was calling myself to my river valley I could not hold back.
Snow falling? Check.
Cold temperatures? Check
You haven't gone all week and have an opportunity? Check
These are the kind of rides that are memorable? Check

Well, not so much a memorable ride, feeling lethargic and just plain crappy I rode the exact same route we took the dogs for a walk on Easter Sunday. It was a long walk but a short bike ride. In the end, riding in the falling snow was pretty awesome. I think it's pretty hard to top that.

friday evenings should all be spent like this

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