Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ibis Mojo, Good Bye...

 Yes, saying farewell to bikes is a hard thing to do. Watching my Mojo leave the door this morning was a bit hard to do. Like losing a good friend, a good friend that will be replaced with better qualities that is. So it's not all that bad.

How else do I honour the memory of this fine bike that took me over countless miles of Edmonton river valley singletrack, Jasper greatness, and a week in Colorado as well as Utah. I could have dumped a load of pictures on here but I only chose four of my favourites. The bottom shot is proof of the photogenic qualities that this bike had. Hopefully the new ride will look as good as the Mojo did but it's got big shoes to fill. Yes, it will ride better as the Rocky Mountain has five years of technology over the Ibis, and that's what counts doesn't it? That's what I keep telling myself to help sooth the pain.

farewell fine steed...

Happy Monday?

A positive covid test may have me off the bike this next set off, damn.