Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rocky Mountain Altitude 750msl 650B

I feel that I have come full circle and will now be riding a Rocky Mountain again. What is best is I will be riding an Altitude, the same bike that got me all hot and bothered about mountain biking on a trip to Jasper Alberta. Altitudes went away and came back about four years ago. Back in the day, a dream hardtail steel bike that will never die.  Today a dream all mountain full suspension rig that well... ummm, probably will die. That being said it will take a lot to eventually kill it. In fact. Shitloads. Yet a steel Altitude from back in the day will take more.

What makes this bike awesome is the wheel size, the Ride 9 technology, the wheel size, the patriotic Canadianism, and of course the wheel size. I can honestly say that if they didn't come out with a 27.5" aka 650b wheel size I would still be on the Mojo for another season. I have been intrigued by big wheels but feel 29ers will just not cut it, and they just look goofy! (sorry fellas). This will give me a larger wheel size which will give the 29er advantage without riding a 29er. Cause this cat don't cave to the massses yo!

First thoughts on the new bike? This reminds me of my first day with the Mojo, there were lots of big changes. A giant change for me is Sram. Riding Shimano my whole existence made me somewhat of a Shimano snob. The busy cockpit will be something else to get used to, I now have cables for a drop post, and shock settings for the back end. Riding around the neighbourhood made me wonder why I caved and bought a bike with so many gadgets. I'm sure there are airliners up above with less complicated cockpits.

With the first ride tomorrow Carbon will still be my friend and I will get to see what 2013 technology has brought to the table, I'm having bad thoughts about the wide bars but will see what this bike can do in a river valley I haven't ridden in since snow made it's home there. I have a feeling it's going to be a swell day...

the heart of rocky's ride 9 back end
the front of a busy cockpit
old altitude and the new

rocky mountain's iconic maple leafs...  awesome
"tower, can we get clearance to fl32000 please?"
welcome sram

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