Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Return to Cambodia

Another awesome feature of the river valley is being able to escape to places that make you feel like you are hundreds of miles away. Welcome to Cambodia. On the north side of the river across from Rundle tucked in under the refineries lies a hidden trail system that send shivers of lustful feelings through out my body.

This was once a place I would frequent but sadly as the years went by there was no upkeep and the trails turned to shit. Well it certainly looks like there have been people here doing great things. Before a trail that lined a fence took up a good part in the beginning, now somebody added trails below complete with bridges, albeit today with heavy rains coming down at times the bridges were extremely slippery and I even took a spill while crossing. It hurt like a bitch and I wasn't even rewarded with any blood. I hate when that happens! 

Sadly I didn't get to see the whole trail as the rain came down in droves at times. I did have a dog scare me beyond all measure as I was walking back to the bike on the top  picture, he came out of nowhere, I screamed like a frightened girl and he was gone. That is one thing about this place, it has a high creepy factor and you wonder what could possibly be lurking in those bushes.

The ride was very short as the rain got to me and I turned for home when I could not control the bike anymore due to the rain. I didn't leave ruts and patted myself on the back several times.

wooden plank bridges and the rain teamed up to kick my ass  
luckily I didn't fall off this one, it was a rather large drop

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