Friday, June 14, 2013

Beer Friday. Harvest Moon Brewing, Vulcan Ale

Greetings earthlin... Ugh, I cannot do this. The plan was to do a Star Trek themed opening, but the overpowering stench of dork emanated inside the beer tester lab and we had to evacuate. I stayed behind to do this all by myself as that is the kind of trooper I am, or shall I say Klingon. Ha! There I go, that's the spirit. Could I just be a grumpy bitch again? The beer reviews have taken their toll and the pressure from up above with the executives do not make this beer review thing fun anymore! Those lonebiker executives are savages.

Today's brew comes from Belt Montana from the likes of Harvest Moon Brewing. Which coincidentally is one of the greatest albums ever made by a Canadian legend. Neil Young. The Vulcan Ale does seem to be a specialty beer, I'm assuming a Summer ale, they make reference to Vulcan Alberta, a town adorned with Star Trek paraphernalia, a town that has thousands of Trekkies visit in July.  Their website does not give too much information as to the inception of this fine brewery so we will just carry on with the pour and review...

The pour was a tad nerve racking as I did it in front of my lady. After bragging to her about doing beer reviews on the internet for so long she decided to come out and see for herself. Luckily I pulled it off and I could tell she was truly impressed by my awesome pouring skills. A good two and a half fingered head graced the top of the glass and I sat back and admired the beauty. The first taste of this Irish Red Ale gives you just that. No special flavours jump out and kick you in the crotch. This one is just fine, slightly nutty, slight hoppy, and you know slightly dorky.

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5

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