Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rainy Sunday

I'm having a hard time understanding the graffiti down there this year
Introducing the new Rocky Mountain to Edmonton's now infamous summer rain. We stayed on the multi use trails as much as I could. The ride from Capilano park to the James Mcdonald bridge was a simple south side and north side loop which featured an attempt at Rowland trail where I promptly turned around as I skidded out on the first climb.

The good trails were unrideable but the valley was incredibly quiet. A fair trade off?

when the highlight of your bike ride is seeing fire trucks, you may have had a dull ride
white socks on a day like this? you betcha!

Concordia or Die

 A huge improvement on yesterday and this one was started in the weird refinery park otherwise known as Goldstick. It was all singletrack on...