Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fifteen Rides In, The Verdict is ...

in the river valley in happier healthy ankle times

Thats it? Only fifteen? It seems like more but this bike is battling the lovely ti hardtail for trail time, and lets be honest. That is a fight most bikes won't win. I did ride the Rocky Mountain more than the Moots as it is a brand new bike but even Moots rides were few and far between this year.

It was last August when I heard that Rocky Mountain was bringing out a 650B Altitude and I had a trembling full body bike orgasm shiver for hours. That was when I pretty much decided I was getting one. So the decision was made to say farewell to the Ibis Mojo. Of course a few tears were shed until I picked up the brand new Altitude from Mud Sweat and Gears in Sherwood Park. The first few rides were not as mind blowing as when I rode the Ibis Mojo for the first time and rightfully so. The Mojo was the first dual suspension bike ridden since I had a Mongoose Amplifier aka an Amp Research way back in the day. It was years since I had a full suspension bike and the Mojo delivered incredible ride vibes with a vengeance.

The question I did have running through my head this year riding the new Rocky Mountain was "am I becoming a retro grouch?"  A ride on the Moots the day before made me wonder this as I will be completely honest. The Moots is more fun.... Well hardtails are, they are simple, they don't have tons of various moving parts that could potentially break or squeek. I did have illicit thoughts on the what ifs? Would another hardtail in the quiver been kind of a goofy idea instead of Rocky carbon goodness? Should I have repaired the old Altitude and brought it back to glory? These are thoughts that were way back in the psyche. Now who are we to argue with ones psyche?

It is hard to say what the true verdict is yet with the Altitude. It's pretty hard to judge on only fifteen rides and a good chunk of those were in very wet conditions barring any good singletrack, all ridden in the river valley with no mountain trips to speak of. The true heart and soul of this bike did not show itself to me this year cause it never had a chance.

I will probably put something up later on the pros and cons of the new ride as I do have five or six weeks of recovery ahead of me. Plus this post is almost over the Lonebiker five paragraph/400 word maximum meaning I will get in serious shit from those pesky lonebiker executives.

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