Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Motivation

The temperature on my iPod this morning when I woke up to go riding said -34˚. A few family things got in the way and I was finally ready to go a half hour ago (just before noon), I dressed, ate and did all the pre ride rituals that I have been accustomed to over the years, with a few added for Winter riding. I Went to the Jeep to throw the bike on the back sniffed the air a few times and felt the frigid cold air run through my windbreaker and through the two layers underneath. I stood there for thirty seconds thinking about the ride ahead of me and the warm family room where family, football and couches with pillows and blankets await. A quick glance at the temperature on my iPod again showed it being -31˚ and I quickly faltered and went back inside, tail tucked between my legs and ashamed at what I had done. Ashamed in front of who exactly? Well until I hit the "publish" button this is only for me to know as well as my wife who had her thoughts on bike riding in extreme cold. Words like "crazy" and "nuts" seemed to sum up her thoughts on riding today.

Now that I'm home dressed in pajamas and a football jersey patiently waiting for that 2 pm kick off I wonder if I should turn that proverbial man card in that everyone talks about. It's been a while since my last ride and with Christmas happening this week there won't be many chances till later.

The motivation was not there today. Maybe I should have watched this video before I made my final decision to stay home.

Winter's Edge. from I Never Stopped Looking on Vimeo.

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