Friday, February 28, 2014

Beer Friday. For It Is Written

Beer Friday will now be bi weekly for it is now written. After two months of furious talks and deliberation the decision has been made. Beer Friday will be every two weeks and that even may be jeopardized by the holiest of the holies... Riding bikes.

Well, truth be told. The beer review thing will be done when it is felt like. Every Friday will be a mystery that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat at work as you wonder what will happen. Sweat dripping from your forehead, a nervous move of your mouse only to be startlingly interrupted by your boss who is wondering just what the hell you are doing... "I don't know if there will be a Beer Friday this weekend" you will muster, nervously shaking as you look up for some sort of comfort in an incredibly intense and awkward situation. She looks down on you and say's "I know exactly what you are talking about. Beer Friday is what brings me to work everyday so I can afford an internet connection... Take the day off" She says "I get you." And off you go home to grab your bike to work off some of the stress of not knowing, cause you know. Beer is pretty Epic.

So... Does this change anything? Nope. Beer Friday will always be sporadic. As it always has been.

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