Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bridge Day, Take One

This ride was supposed to happen yesterday but I woke up and looked at the temperature, saw it was minus twenty three and I cowardly went downstairs, drank coffee and wasted time on the internets. What a sad morning that was. Well I made up for it today in the same frigid temperature when I hit my first bridge ride of the year. This was something I started last year before the ankle incident but sadly only had one under my belt.

When one is on a bridge ride the rule is to cross every bridge you come across. It's great because you hit both sides of the valley, although today I stayed away from Cambodia on the return trip as I was desperate for a warm up. I hope to do an end to end bridge ride this Summer, would that day be the most epic Edmonton day ever? I'm thinking so.

Today's ride as you can see below started in the Science park. The goal was to possibly get to the Low Level Bridge or even further. With the frigid cold I only made it to Dawson before those little voices (not the ones that tell me to burn things, the other voices) told me to head back. It was incredibly cold out there today and was glad I made that decision. This ride was a winner and would rank it high on the     best rides ever lists. With the weather the valley was pretty much all mine today, and I kinda like that.

some final warmth before the push home

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