Thursday, March 27, 2014

Excuses, Excuses..

It has not been a stellar week for the one who should be on his bike riding. Not riding because riding is the Alpha and Omega of all that is awesome. Riding because he should be getting in good conditioning for there is a big Summer approaching.

The bike sadly did not think the same way as the bike decided to let the bottom bracket stand up, salute and pass on. Yes it's true, my bottom bracket and I was set to go on a snowy day where the conditions in the valley would have been quite epic. Although if I had gone you all would have heard me complain incessantly on this blog about Winter never ending.

rest in peace raceface bottom bracket, you served me well

Lucky for me there was a Knight in shining armour tucked away in Nisku's dark ugly lifted truck underbelly. A man noble and happy to do a service to a guy who wants to simply ride his bike. "I really should learn this stuff.... This bike repair thing now shouldn't I?" I would say looking down at the floor with a sheepish look of guilt and despair as I think of all the years I have ridden bikes and none of that has translated to a simple noble concept most seasoned cyclists know: Bike Repair.

Well the excuses are tiring me. No more will I be telling the local mechanics I should really know this stuff. No more will I tell the odd riding partner I should learn the 101 of bike mechanics. Cause frankly I will never learn. it's been this long. Will I ever get this shit together? I think not. I'm sick of the excuses, no more navigating my way around this. I ride, I don't fix. Well... Maybe one day.

Till then, Rest In Peace Raceface Bottom Bracket. You served me well through quite a few good Summers and lot's of brutal Winter's and Spring's. And thanks for ruining my week of riding, but thank you noble bike fixing steed. You know who you are. Now brush those lifted truck nuts out of the way and continue on with your noble presence..

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