Sunday, April 6, 2014

Riding. Capilano Park- City Destinations Unknown

On a beautiful Spring Sunday morning I got out to put some more miles on the worn out white Winter bike. This is the time of the year it hates the most as all the Spring melting gunk seems to find a spot to hide in every orifice of the poor bike. Although today's ride was not as sloppy as Friday evenings.

From Capilano Park I stayed South until Dawson bridge where I crossed and climbed out. The theme of the day was going to be "choking on exhaust" as decided on the drive down and choking on exhaust it was. When on a bike in the city the smell of the car exhaust can be pretty gross, especially when a 1991 Ford mini van rolls past, ugh.... Nasty!

The ride around town was very typical for me at this time of year. The river valley is usually too nasty so I pop out to see what's happening in the city. There was obviously lot's of action today as everyone was out enjoying the day. From junkies all the way down to yuppy mom's with their bratty children it was truly a melting pot of stereotypes today.

climbing out of the messy valley into a messy part of E-town
following the new LRT line where I came across the Polish Hall and was awash with incredible concert memories
whats that smell? that's a hockey rink I smell, it smells like broken teeth and bar fights
potty break near a high school

Chafe Chaser. Lung Puncher

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